Love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube? Now you can also virtually try on makeup with YouTube’s AR feature

YouTube is a platform that always tries to provide its users some unique services. The prime goal of YouTube is to make its users rely on the platform for all sorts of tasks.

YouTube just launched a new AR feature for the users

One of the most popular and trending thing these days is the makeup tutorials. Different creators try on a variety of products to suggest viewers’ looks according to their interests. Nowadays, people prefer watching a tutorial on YouTube before purchasing any product.

Earlier this summer, YouTube released its plans regarding new AR feature that would enable users to try-on virtual makeup directly on the YouTube App.

Today, the first official campaign to use the AR feature to try-on makeup virtually has been launched which enables viewers to try on and shop lipsticks from MAC Cosmetics from YouTube creator Rozette Arisa’s makeup tutorial video. Although a lipstick try-on feature isn’t new, there are various AR apps already offering similar services.

How does this new AR feature work?

The new AR feature only works when the user is watching video on YouTube mobile app and the app is updated to the latest version.

When a user watches the video on an app, a button can be seen named “try it on” which will open the camera in a split-screen view. The video will play continuously alongside user trying and applying different lipstick shades in a split-screen.

Different social media platforms offer similar services but the colors of YouTube AR feature are evenly aligned with the lips which give a very natural look.

MAC Cosmetic is the first to partner with the AR feature by working with creators through YouTube’s branded content division.

Screenshot: TechCrunch

Before the launch of this feature, YouTube tested the AR beauty Try-On and found that more than 30% of viewers chose to get this experience via YouTube iOS version. Engaged users spend more than 80 seconds on the try-on AR feature to test lipstick shades.

What’s makes the YouTube feature unique?

Google is not the first company to launch virtual makeup try-on feature, there are different AR beauty apps like YouCam Makeup, Sephora’s Virtual Artist, Ulta’s GLAMLab and many others offering similar services. Target’s online Beauty Studio also offers virtual makeup across various brands.

YouTube is unique because it’s not just a fun product for users to try on, it is an AR-powered ad campaign to help users chose the best product according to their interests.

Bottom Line

To engage more audience and to generate revenue, there is a massive amount of users putting makeup tutorials just to engage with more and millions of users watch these tutorials as well. So, this AR feature to try-on makeup is unique and can engage a lot of audiences.

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