Facebook Launches Two New Ad Units for Movie Industry

The movie industry relies quite a bit on social media for the purposes of getting the word out there with regards to the kinds of movies we usually end up watching for our own viewing pleasure. Since Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, it stands to reason that the tech giant would want to create as many opportunities as possible for film studios to market their movies in a manner that would actually bring people to the movie theater and make it so that the maximum number of tickets would end up getting sold all in all.

Facebook is launching two new ad units that are designed to help boost ticket sales for movies that are currently being made. The first of these two new ad units is going to involve a reminder ad, one that would allow users to opt in to receiving some kind of a notification whenever a film ends up being released.

This could prove to be quite useful to movie studios since they tend to begin marketing for a movie a long period of time before the movie actually comes out, so to make sure that the market that is being advertised to actually shows up to see the movie having users sign up for notifications could actually end up proving to be very useful indeed.

The second ad unit that Facebook will be introducing is going to involve giving users the options to check the show times for a movie that they are seeing an ad for. This will be useful because of the fact that movie studios will be able to market a movie that is currently in theaters and they would be able to give users the options of seeing the show times right then and there, thereby enabling them to make plans to go see the movie in a much smoother and easier manner.
"Movie reminder ads and movie showtime ads are now available for all film studios in the US and UK.", explained Facebook Business team in a blog post.

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