Amazon Is Using Its Workers To Tackle Criticism Regarding Their Work Environment With Money

Following the criticism regarding poor work environment for employees, Amazon decided to select workers from their warehouse to make them a part of campaign with the name of “Fulfillment Centers Ambassador programme”. The initiative was aimed at tweaking the damaged reputation with the trick that the labor will tweet positively about the employees and Amazon on the whole. But in the end it seems like the plan backfired.

Although the army of Amazon employees started tweeting in favor of the company back in last August but the back and forth conversations between accounts gave a hint of something fishy going behind the screens and unfortunately for Amazon, the thing that was speculated went viral on Thursday.

According to Amazon spokeswoman Lindsay Campbell, these fulfillment center ambassadors were asked to share facts about the work environment at Amazon’s warehouses, based on their own personal experience. The purpose was to educate people about what really goes inside Amazon and regain the lost reputation in order to make sure that more better people join the e-commerce giant.

If we go by the usernames, then all ambassadors can be identified by their first name, Twitter biographies which usually have their position and location, along with the duration of their employment with Amazon, and a few of their hobbies. Amazon also gave a reference of one of the workers, Cindi to give a better understanding of the cause.

Cindi was sometimes seen tweeting about activities at work sometimes while majority of her tweets were direct responses to the criticism that Amazon bears till now about work life.

In one of her most recent tweets, Cindi was seen responding to complaint with the hashtag #BoycottAmazon and how the user openly claimed that Amazon prioritizes "profits over people," Cindi tweeted.

Besides this, Amazon also offers free tours to their fulfillment centers and ever since the announcement, more than 100,000 guests have come to see what it is like to work for Amazon, as per the words of Campbell.

Well first Amazon had to face all the hate because of how reports showed that workers were urinating in bottles to save time and not lose their job. But this time it is all about how Amazon is using the same people to cover up for the stressful environment they have created at their warehouses.

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