Twitter is experimenting with a new update and users love it

Twitter is a social medium where users have freedom of speech, a platform where users can be themselves without any sort of discrimination but sometimes it’s not enough.

Every person has their own specific requirements but the majority of people went to complain about the issue regarding Twitter’s annoying font size. Although the interface of Twitter is user-friendly still many users complained regarding its font size.

Jane Manchun Wong (app researcher) recently spotted a new update specifically designed for the people facing issues regarding font size. Now with the new feature, users can customize their view according to their desires.

Twitter Web App is testing a new "Extra Small" font size

In the previous update, it was a major difficulty faced by users to operate all activities on Twitter with the same standardized font size but not anymore. Now, users can modify the font size according to their desires.

Twitter is a platform known for its strong relationship with users. The core focus of Twitter is to bring out new updates to bring ease in the life of its users and the recent update is specially designed to ease users facing font issues. Although this new update is still under testing phase but it’s still getting love from all over the world.

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