AI Portraits transforms pictures, brings back Renaissance Era

Are you bored of old uses of artificial intelligence and looking for some different uses of AI? If yes, then why not try AI portrait tool to transform your photos into painted photos?

AI Portraits is a new tool. It is created by researchers at MIT’s IBM Watson AI Lab. The tool is based on Generative adversarial networks (GAN), a machine language system which has the database of 45,000 portraits of old paintings ranging from Renaissance to Contemporary Era. The software transforms the uploaded picture into an art-work by using the database to create a Renaissance like portrait that has similar features to the uploaded photo.

However, the transformed painting is not completely similar to the uploaded picture.

According to @morgan_sung, one of its user, the tool whitened her skin. She explained on Twitter that she was both horrified and amused by this new tool. She noted that her AI-generated portrait contains her dark circles and eyebrows but it whitened her skin to an unearthly pale tone.

Furthermore, the picture of smiling or laughing face could create different portrait, because, according to the creators, the smile and laughter make the face comical due to which the database is unable to generate new features from scratch by using its data.

Although the website is not good in generating alike portraits, it ensures security as the information and photos are deleted immediately, after they are used. Yet, the generated images or paintings of the uploaded images are recorded in the database, but it would not harm because personal information are not attached to it.

AI portraits is an amazing tool created via machine learning. So load different pictures and get different Renaissance-like paintings to upload as DP on different social media platforms. However, you need to load the site many times because it has huge traffic nowadays.

So, enjoy your new paintings and beat your boredom!

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