Cybercriminals are Now Looting Social Media Users by Faking Themselves as Tech-Support [Report]

Twitter users are being warned by the researches to ensure that the technical support is original and not run by fraudsters. Especially before users share sensitive information online like credit card numbers. A story covered by a cybersecurity firm, Trend Micro, explains how fraudsters are using social media sites to carry out harmful activities of stealing the money of users.

The firm studied Twitter's data for three days in February and found out that these cybercriminals play with search engine results to attract easy preys. They post fake phone numbers repeatedly and pretend to be the official technical support agents to lure the victims into giving their private financial details. These fraudsters are also distributing data-stealing malware using replica technical support Twitter accounts. The malware is used to steal confidential bank accounts information.

As per Trend Marco, Twitter is only a part of the elaborate scheme of the cybercriminals. They also used other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, and Pinterest for their fraud.

The report states that preventing these scams or catching the fraudsters is a complicated business because they do not use any files, programs, or hacking tools to steal the data. They instead manipulate the victims into giving their classified information.

Twitter does have its set of rules and regulations to deal with these scammers. And it is often seen that they make use of these policies to take down such accounts and penalize culprits. However, other social networks also need to work to curb the crooks and aware their users about possible frauds.

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