Pinterest Explains How Their Search System Works to Help the Influencers

Knowing about the search engine means you can control the reach of your content and how effective it can be. This is one of the biggest reason influencers know how to reach their target audience better than most of the users. Most people are familiar with how the algorithm of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram worked but Pinterest is among one of the most neglected social media networks. To keep up with the pace of other social media networking sites, Pinterest is now launching new features. One of the most recent features introduced by Pinterest was browsable catalogs that can be easily pinned. These catalogs will help the retail stores to not only maximize their reach but also get maximum audience.

To further, help the influencers and retail stores, so they can reach the maximum audience, Pinterest has come forward to explain how their text elements work when the users try to search for some products or ideas. With the help of this information, marketers will be able to align their content with the search system and this will get them better results.

Unlike the algorithm of Instagram and Twitter that completely runs on the hashtags, Pinterest has a better algorithm that not only read the caption text but also label the picture to match where it might fall accordingly. Previously it was perceived that captions and hashtags matter a lot when the searches are carried out, however, it has been cleared out that for every caption, the language is detected along with the keywords in the caption and finally, what the image is about. Pinterest AI is able to recognize up to 18 languages which mean that even writing in other languages or searching in another language will also work quite effectively.

When reading the text information Pinterest uses a variety of sources that are provided within the Pin. To make it easier for the influencers to understand it, however, are some ways text information is detected.

· The pin title, description, and URL of the pin plays an important role

· The name of the board under which the post has been pinned

· The title of the page along with the link description

· Keywords that usually people select in order to reach the pin

· Name of the things that are available in the image.
"Incredibly useful signals with a variety of applications across recommendations, retrieval and ranking can be built from high-quality keywords. Pinterest has seen many engagement and relevance wins through adopting such signals.", explained Heath Vinicombe, a Software Engineer.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Image

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