Understanding Twitter's Timeline Algorithm To Make Your Brand Stand Out [infographic]

Most of the marketers struggle to take advantage of Twitter when it comes to promoting their brands in the social media world. The platform has always been considered unique to make voices heard online and with a limit of 280 characters (started with 140), it provides you the unique opportunity to present your product with a short and precise message that would always remain effective, if done right.

But since Twitter already has a variety of quality content, sending occasional tweets or adding hashtags for engagement can’t help you find a lot of audience. Just like every other site, brands need to have a consistent approach towards adopting the trends and creating their own audience.

So while there are almost 5,787 tweets every second to 330 million active users, what can you really do in order to make your brand stand out with your words in such stiff competition?

To overcome this challenge, a basic understanding of Twitter algorithms can be the key towards success. Behind the screen, Twitter is a lot like Facebook and Instagram. It ranks and prioritize posts according to the installed algorithms, which then eventually makes people think about it while giving you the opportunity to go viral.

But before we get into the details, it would also be helpful to know that Twitter makes constant changes in its algorithms. It conducts dozens of tests every month and some of them appears on weekly or daily basis as well. However, there is always a very less chance of Twitter using a fully algorithmic timeline.

That being said, if you are stuck in the dark phase where your own social media strategy is not working for you, then following the Twitter’s algorithm guide, can help you optimize your brand’s tweets for more organic growth and better results.

Twitter Timeline Algorithm Explained For Social Media Marketers - infographic

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