Snapchat’s new tool made advertising a lot easier

Snapchat is known for its unique services to the users. This social media platform was the first to introduce short disappearing stories which later on Facebook and Instagram adapted. It is one of the largest social media platforms where users feel the freedom to share their daily routine stories or personal experiences via short stories.

The core focus of Snapchat was always on bringing ease for its users but this time the shifted their focus towards advertisers. For any firm, advertisers play a vital role in growing revenue. So, Snapchat recent launched a Self-Service Video Ad tool for its users and people are loving it.

Insight on the workings of the new tool

Recently, Snapchat launched a new update and along with that introduced a self-service advertiser tool giving a new meaning of online advertising to brands. It gives a quick access to brands to create vertical videos ads.

If you want to use this tool, go to Ads Manager of Snapchat and select your desired objective between web visits, application installs and app visits. After selecting the desired objective you can easily import and upload you own designed ad and later on finalize the targeted audience and publish the ad.

See? Not so difficult after all. All you need to do is go to the Ads Manager of your Snapchat and the rest is easy to do.

Response from Snapchat

According to Snapchat, the tool named Instant Create is available for brands in a variety of sizes and it is specifically designed for the benefit of advertisers. This tool gives advertisers ability to create an online video ad quickly and easily publish it online.

According to Snapchat, their core focus was always to bring a variety of audience from all over the world and this time their targeted audience is advertisers because for any firm to grow more and to generate more revenue, advertisers play a very vital role. More advertisers on Snapchat means a more strong position in the marketplace which help this firm grow in the whole world.

Bottom Line:

This new Instant creates tool is specifically meant to bring a new way of online marketing. Every person tries to save as much time as possible and with this tool advertiser can create video ads within few seconds and publish it accordingly. This tool will be a key participant for Snapchat to generate a huge amount of revenue through diverse advertisers from all over the world.

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