Pinterest Reveals Details About Effective Pin Classification

Pinterest has stayed dormant without any change for quite long however, things are changing now. Pinterest is now trying to help its users grow and use their accounts more effectively. Previously company revealed the way their search filter worked so that business accounts can easily adjust accordingly, however, in a recent attempt to help the users become better at it, Pinterest has revealed the process of pin classification.

Just like most of the professionals believe in optimizing data for the search engine, Pinterest is helping its users to understand how its search engine works so they can effectively search for things and also optimize their content to grow better. Pinterest explained how their P2I system works according to the available data. The search engine extracts data in a specific order, this order includes taxonomy level, label, and score. In short, the picture that has been pinned will be read as 4, snowboarding, 0.79.

For someone thinking, what is exactly the taxonomy level and how to determine the taxonomy level, the explanation is simple. This level is attained by seeing the frequent pins that appear and then this data is divided into 10 levels of granularity and 24 top-level concepts. Similarly, for the label, things are quite easy, the topic, subject and how the image reads, it is one of the most important things. This is usually done through the text that has been pinned along or in some cases, through the visual classifier. Finally, the score is done according to how accurately the image matches the system and how the system thinks this pin will be identified according to the given information.

This will help the users in classifying their pins and images accordingly. For better results, the user is required to use a guided search that is available within the pin preparation and planning. This helps the users in searching about topics as well as the searches that are related to the interests of the user. This is just similar to the SEO however; the user may have to exert more effort to understand everything.

Image credit: Bloomberg | Getty Images

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