Pinterest is Reportedly testing an option for users to Create a Collage!

Although Pinterest isn’t in the news as often as other social networking platforms, it has still managed to hold its ground. Its Q2 2019 earnings were off the charts and showed why the visual social network isn’t going away anytime soon.

To keep the users intrigued and glued to the service however, social networking platforms have to keep working on changes that suit their consumers’ needs. Pinterest completely understands that and does well in making timely changes to keep itself fresh.

The latest change in Pinterest was spotted and shared by renowned App researcher Jane Manchun Wong. Wong took to Twitter recently and reported about Pinterest testing out an option for users to create a collage.

It’s surprising to know that a platform that allows users to post images and GIF files doesn’t have a convenient option for creating a collage. However, all is well that ends well and we are finally about to get the feature soon.

Wong attached a screenshot with her tweet as well, showing the feature in action. Users will be able to choose from multiple collage designs.

It’s unclear when the feature will be rolled out but it should be soon and this will surely put other Social Networking platforms on notice. Collage creation has become essential these days and having the facility to create one through the Social Media Platforms on which the collage needs to be posted, is a big plus!

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