New Research Indicates Pinterest is an Effective Marketing Tool for Auto Advertisers

You wouldn’t think of Pinterest as the sort of place where people would take ads for cars all that seriously. However, the fact of the matter is that when you go on Pinterest there are a lot of things that you are probably going to be interested in. While the content discovery platform that boasts 300 million monthly active users, has mostly been considered to be a little fish in a big pond, the truth is that it has been trying to expand its user base for quite some time now in an attempt to compete with bigger platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like.

A recent ad campaign that was run by Toyota for its new Avalon car is proof that Pinterest is not just for knitting and crochet. Over half of the users (53 percent) that stumbled upon the ad in their newsfeed ended up watching it all the way through, and what’s more is that over a quarter (28 percent to be exact) of all Pinterest users that see an ad for a new car are going to be considered more likely to buy that car within the next ninety days all in all.

The auto related statistics about Pinterest show that this platform can actually be one of the best places out there that would let you market cars. The platform has shown its potential to the point where even SUVs and other kinds of vehicles are more likely to be purchased by a Pinterest user that has seen an ad for that particular kind of vehicle.

Over half of Pinterest users that post about autos-related content use Pinterest as a place to look for cars. This may not have been the initial purpose of the social media platform, but it does show a bright future for Pinterest where it could give car manufacturers access to a whole new market that they might never have thought about before.

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