LinkedIn will now Allow Users to Add a Title and Thumbnail to the Videos on their Company Pages!

With the Social Media industry booming and more people gaining access to Internet every day, LinkedIn has proved to be quite beneficial as through it, employers get connected to the employees suited perfectly for their workplaces.

The business and employment-oriented service has also implemented some necessary changes in order to make users’ experience on the platform better and allow both job seekers as well as hirers to easily find what they are looking for.

The latest update is for the LinkedIn Company Pages. According to Social Media Trainer Jonathan Pollinger and Digital Media Consultant Matt Navarra, users can now provide more information for the videos shared on their Company Pages.

Previously, the videos on Company Pages could only have the SRT or Subtitle files added by the relevant users. Now however, users can also add a Title and a Thumbnail of their choice to the videos. This update will surely help in the videos shared on Company Pages get much more views and attention.

It should be noted that the option to add Title and Thumbnail to Videos is still not available for Videos on profiles and only SRT files can be uploaded to them.

Navarra also shared a screenshot to show how the new Video settings will appear. The uploader will be asked to provide a Title for the video, in addition to a Thumbnail and SRT file for subtitles. The chosen thumbnail should be either in JPG, PNG or GIF format. Moreover, the aspect ratio should be 1:1 for vertical video and 16:9 for horizontal video.

It will be interesting to see how this change is received by the users having a Company Page on LinkedIn. It will also be worth-observing how much of a difference is made through videos with a customized Thumbnail. Only time will answer these questions.

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Featured Photo: Juanmonino / Getty Images
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