Facebook Makes “Send in WhatsApp” Button More Prominent

Facebook has recently been trying quite hard to make it so that its social media ecosystem remains well connected. This social media ecosystem consists primarily of Facebook itself along with Instagram and WhatsApp, and what the social media company has been trying to do as of late is to integrate its various properties into one another so that there is more of a sense that you are using a family of social media and messaging platforms rather than disparate applications that don’t have a whole lot to do with each other.

Facebook is trying to incorporate more WhatsApp usage into its platform, and it is doing so by integrating a “send in whatsapp” button that will be available on public posts. The option to share a post via WhatsApp has been there for quite some time now, but the only difference is that now it is going to be a little more prominent. There will now be a dedicated button that will make sending posts via WhatsApp a single click endeavor, something that will really streamline this process and will make it far more likely that a user would be willing to share Facebook posts through WhatsApp.

Facebook’s goal here is to keep users within their own application and technological ecosystem, sharing posts from their own platforms through other platforms that they own. Messenger has been a focus for Facebook for some time now, but it seems like the social media giant is going to be focusing on WhatsApp now as well in order to give more options to consumers when it comes to the kinds of messaging platforms that are available to them.

This update will be coming to Android for now, with Facebook trying to use Android’s own API to connect the two apps so that only those users that have WhatsApp installed will see the direct send in WhatsApp button being enabled next to public posts.

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Featured Photo: REX/Shutterstock
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