LinkedIn Is Stepping into The Business with Excited New Features

With social media networks replacing everything from e-commerce websites to classified websites are even job portal, all the online companies are seeking ways to upgrade the user experience by introducing few features. To keep up with the pace, Twitter has recently decided to redesign their website after 7 years, now to catch up with trends LinkedIn has also launched an exciting new feature. This new feature will allow the users to add the list of services that they provide. Since everything is shifting online, it is now becoming very frustrating for people to explain what they do and what they good at to the employers just to get a job. To specifically make it easier for the user to pitch for a job and for the employers to see what the user is actually good at or if the user matches the requirement of the employer, LinkedIn has introduced this feature.

Here is an easy step by step guide that can help the user to update their profile:

· Open the LinkedIn profile and then open profile page.

· Click on the small box under the profile picture where the user is asked to add the information about the services ordered by the user.

· Now you can click the add services button

· Start with filling out the form, it is advised to be filled according to the services that you are really good at and moving down to services that you might not feel too confident about.

· The last thing is to click the continue button because there is no save button. On clicking the continue the information will be added to the profile.

With the help of these mentioned services, it will be easier for the employer to look for someone who is good at a required domain of work. Moreover, this will help further in the filtration process and will require little to no effort. This feature will be time-saving for the employer looking to hire people and save the users a hassle to explain everything that they do.

"We started rolling this feature out to small business leaders and freelancers who have a Premium Business subscription in the U.S. this week. This fall, we’ll make this available to all small business leaders and freelancers in the U.S. If you are interested in gaining access to this feature, please sign up on our waitlist here.", explained Vidya Chandra, Group Product Manager in a blog post.

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