All “Made by Google” products will use recycled materials by 2022

After Samsung and Apple pledged to use more recycled materials in their offerings, Google has also promised to include all recycled materials in their “Made by Google” products by the year 2022. The company also claims to start work on some products by the end of this year.

Besides using recyclable materials, the search giant has also declared that all the products shipped by the company will be carbon neutral by the year 2020.

Although, the company did not reveal much information on the first ‘green’ product but experts believe that it would be initiated with the new Google Home expected to launch this year.

Google explains that they will be gradually bringing on the change to all their “Made by Google” products and expect to make the transformation final by the year 2022. Google says that the change will include their entire products lineup such as Google Home, Pixel Smartphones, and Pixel book.
"We’re always working to do more, faster. But today we’re laying the foundation for what we believe will be a way of doing business that commits to building better products better.", said Anna Meegan Head of Sustainability, Consumer Hardware at Google.
In their initiative to be more eco-friendly, the company has also changed their shipping method from air shipments to cargo. In fact, they claim to see a reduction of 40% in emissions because of the change. And since the shipment method takes longer, the entire production team of the company aims to shorten their development cycles in order to leave room at the end.

Google also has a recycling program for US-based residents where they can ship products that they do not need for reuse.

As of now, Google is only promising to use recycled materials in their products and not make an entire product out of scratch from sustainable items. However, with these baby steps, the day is not far when the technology-giant will also become truly eco-friendly.

Google's hardware sustainability commitments

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