Google is Reportedly Working on a Voice-Free Emergency Help Service for Android Devices!

It’s about time that Google realized the importance of voice-free emergency service interaction. The Tech Giant recently emphasized on a new feature that will bring the above mentioned interaction to certain Android devices including Pixel’s.

The purpose behind this feature’s introduction is to ensure that in cases of injury, in situations where the person in peril is unable to speak due to speech impairment or other reasons, help can always be reached. If not through voice calls, then through touch menus.

How this feature will work is when an emergency call is made, the callers can choose the nature of emergency and tap on the appropriate option i.e. Fire, Medical or Police. The information is forwarded to an operator without the caller having to speak out the details. As for location, the appropriate data is retrieved from the phone’s GPS. Plus codes will be used in such instances, due to which callers will be located without an exact address.

The provided details will remain completely confidential and only be accessible to the emergency operator. As for the menu information, it will be found saved on the phone locally. If possible for the caller, they can also speak to the operator after submitting the required information.

National Emergency Number Association collaborated with Google to bring this feature to Pixel as well as a few other Android devices in the US. Although an exact release date has yet to be announced, a fair guess is that users would be able to avail this service within the next few months.

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