Second Quarter 2019 Social Video App Performance in the US

Social media has been around for a while by this point, but out of the umbrella term that is social media came a bunch of different variants of the same kind of platform. One of these platforms is the social video app, an app that is designed to disseminate videos made by users that are social in their intent. This makes them different from other video based apps in that the videos created are usually not meant to be content created for user consumption, although the line between these two kinds of apps has been blurring for quite some time now.

According to SensorTower, in the second quarter of 2019, the performance of social video apps has been as strong as it has been for quite some time now. However, the specific app that grew differed from previous quarters, with the past three quarters each having a unique app that managed to grow significantly for a quarter but failed to maintain its growth into the next quarter. There are several examples of this, with the most glaring example being TikTok which was all the rage in the last quarter of 2019 with a growth of 5.9 million downloads yet it disappeared from the top ten non gaming apps lists in the following quarter.

The State of Social Video Apps in the U.S. for Q2 2019

Social video apps were represented in the first quarter of 2019 as well, with Instagram managing to break into the top ten with 1.4 million downloads showing that its attempts to remain relevant to the younger demographic were more or less successful.

However, Instagram also failed to sustain its growth into the subsequent quarter, falling out of the top ten. Social video apps still managed to maintain a presence in the top ten in the second quarter of 2019, although Instagram executives will be incensed to know that their main competitor Snapchat is the one that managed to grow the most out of all social video apps in the past quarter, becoming the second fastest growing app of the quarter.

Snapchat has been seeing an upward growth trend in the past quarter which might just indicate that the social media platform could see a return to form and perhaps even a glimpse of the glory days that it enjoyed back in the years 2016 as well as 2017.

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