Videos are Becoming a Vital Part of the Social Media Marketing Industry

Networking is now becoming more focused towards entertainment, most of the consumers now either consume visuals or they stream videos. Where majority stills rely on video games, brands are now becoming more conscious towards where their advertisement is done and where their ad shows. Most of the marketing was done formally just via blogging, social posts, and print media but soon this changed. We no longer have time to read long, boring content. In a moment where we scroll through the post without reading it, something really grans our attention and that’s where video comes in. Generation Z users are now consuming videos as a part of learning, education, suggestion, and even entertainment. This is the reason brands are now becoming more conscious about producing video-based content that is more entertaining, better at engaging people yet promote their and without giving too little or too much information. To make it all easier we have listed how the journey of a video starts right from easy stats explaining its popularity, who views these videos, impact of these videos and its types.

Stats complied by GlobalWebIndex show that 60% of the internet users watch and stream video regardless of the fact these videos are live or just random social videos. Whereas, when it comes to the age profiling the audience is alarmingly young. This means we are targeting teenagers when we make these videos, reasons as simple, they have more time, they are better at using technology and they like learning via watching. According to report 72% of the social media audience consist of the age group of 16 to 24 years, however, the report explains that although right now the younger audience is in abundance as the time will pass the older viewers will increase.

Since starting a lot has changed and this has also affected the engagement pattern of the users, according to the report in 2016 more people were into sharing opinion. They liked to share their ideas because they wanted to be heard while others would join these platforms just to fit in the society or reach out to new people. As time passed now people are becoming more sensitive towards sharing their own life or opinion online and they are looking for entrainment based content more. They are also looking for things to buy and opinions on what to buy next. This passive networking is now less purpose-driven and more entrainment driven which means that in order to market the product, brands need to build a content strategy that is entertaining for the viewer as well as informative so they have both information as well as engagement without making them bored.

Since it is quite challenging for brands to come up with creative content for all their products and then built a viewership to reach out to more people they have started to reach out to people who are already doing it? That’s exactly where influencers come into the marketing industry, these social media influencers already have their audience and because they have a certain type of content which attracts a certain type of audience it is easier for the brands to reach out to them and get their work done rather than doing it on their own.

There is no way to ignore the fact that the younger audience is now more reliable on the videos, they look up to influencer when they buy products and they ask for opinions when they are in need. This means that as this generation will grow, we will see an increase in the older audience, which means that preferences might change. The report explains that out of ten, four internet users follow the brands that they like or use whereas, a quarter of them just follow the brands because they are thinking of buying them in the future. This means that influencing people via these mediums is easier if the target is more towards entertaining them rather than selling them with visible ideas. Study shows that in the last two years, the rate of people watching videos of their favorite celebrities or vloggers have increased, these videos are entertaining yet have a suggestive way of telling people to buy products. Moreover, stats also explain that out of all the video viewers, 50% of the people watch tutorials on how to do something. This means that now is a high time for brands to reach out of social media influencers if they want to sell their products better and if they want to have a laser sharp audience focus. This will save them a lot of money, as these social media influencers don’t change hefty fee yet provide better work.

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