Is Google Developing a Job-Oriented Platform?

Back in November of last year, Google applied for the ‘Clockwork’ word as a trademark in the kingdom of Tonga. If it doesn’t ring any bells, applying for a trademark in Tonga is mostly used by well-established companies to work on projects and safeguard trademarks for them without unveiling their details to the world.

If you search for Google Clockwork on… Google, none of the top results will point to the purpose for filing this trademark.

Additionally, Google has also filed for “Clockwork” particularly in the UK due to Brexit.

The answer to why Google has applied for the above mentioned trademark can be answered by observing the following classes, as noted by Brian Conroy:

Class 9 – Downloadable mobile applications for employment hunting and hiring purposes as well as various other similar tasks related to job management and assessment online as well as receiving alerts via email and text.

Class 35 – Presenting an online searchable database including employment-related content and employment opportunities; providing an interactive web site that enables users to register for job alerts as well as allowing them to apply for jobs and get information about job hunting.

Class 42 – Software as a service (SAAS) services for various gadgets for managing and scheduling workers; services for providing other employment-related opportunities and functions.

Long story short, it strongly appears that Google is working on an job-oriented website or application. It’s unclear whether it is being created for just internal Google Recruitment or to give competition to other online job-seeking portals.

Still, it’s better to wait until there is an official announcement regarding the filed trademark. For all we know, it could just be a trademark applied for by Google to never use it again. The possibilities, currently, are endless.

Is Google Planning to Develop a LinkedIn Competitor?
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