Is Google Losing The Battle With Harmful Android Apps?

Google’s Play Store has been rife with controversy as of late because of the fact that there are so many apps available on that store that are not exactly above board with their earning practices. From hidden ads all the way to apps that install malicious software on your phone, the number of harmful apps that Google let on to the Play Store will shock you, but what will shock you even more is how often these apps ended up getting installed by unsuspecting people.

According to Lukas Stefanko's research, the total number of harmful apps that the Play Store had available over the course of the last month exceeded 200, which is a high enough number as it is. A whopping thirty two million+ people downloaded these apps, with nearly twenty million of them downloading the nearly 200 or so apps that had hidden ads that they did not disclose to the consumer before enticing them into making a download.

Nearly twenty of the harmful apps that Google allowed to enter the Play Store were even more serious than those that had numerous hidden ads. Stalkerware was rife among these apps which is serious considering how common it has become for women to face stalking on the internet, and plenty of the apps had backdoors as well that could potentially give the developer access to your phone without your realizing it.

Google really needs to up its game when it comes to getting rid of apps because it is pretty clear at this point that the tech giant is not doing enough to remove these apps quickly before they end up getting downloaded by a lot of people who would suffer some kind of harm because of them.

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