Annoyed by new recommended videos of YouTube? It’s not going anywhere soon

YouTube is a platform for people of all genders and designed in such a way that any age group finds it easy to use. It is one of the largest online video streaming platforms on the internet.

To remove bugs and to bring more comfort in the life of its users, YouTube always tries to bring new updates for its users once in a while. Recently, YouTube released a new update and without notifying people it changed the algorithm to display more family-friendly content. YouTube’s new algorithm is the reason why your feed is full of kids videos. Over the past months, YouTube faced a lot of scandals regarding children privacy concerns and this new algorithm is a way to eliminate such scandals from YouTube.

Investigation on YouTube

YouTube is in a critical position due to the scandals of children content. According to the new Bloomberg report that is an ongoing investigation that YouTube is facing due to comments from a network of predators posting disturbing content in the children videos. Although YouTube attempts to clarify that this platform is not meant for children fewer than 13 but this ongoing investigation in YouTube is to check the safety of children on this platform.

Are users ready to accept this new algorithm

With the new change in algorithm, various YouTube channels with children videos were essentially recommended to viewers. YouTube rolls out updates once in a while so it wasn’t any extra special update but many other channels were ignored due to less family content.

The YouTube community is full of people complaining about children videos showing in their feed. There’s an outrage on YouTube, even non-English users are getting a feed of children rhymes and poems. This new update seems more like a forceful act by YouTube to push users to watch children content just because of YouTube’s scandal.

Response from YouTube

The core purpose of YouTube to bring this new algorithm is to improve the ability for its users to find quality family content on this platform and to make the video hosting network look a safe place for young users as well.

Bottom line

We all know that this new algorithm is meant to surface more kids-friendly content but the recommendations are totally out of the box and users are not ready to accept this. Majority of the users are facing the same issue of totally different video recommendations as compared to the one they’re watching and these new updates makes a very uncomfortable experience for users.

Annoyed by new recommended videos of YouTube? It’s not going anywhere soon
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