Malware Riddled Videos Might Take Over Your Android Device

The latest malware scare involves people using Android devices that have not been updated to the latest version. If you are using any device that is between versions 7.0 and 9.0 you are in particular danger, as there is a malware ridden video going around that could potentially give someone control over your device.

The way the device works is that it injects arbitrary code into your device, but this can only happen if you open the video up in the stock Android video player. This video is most dangerous when it is disseminated via Gmail or other Google properties because of the fact that they will automatically play any video in the stock Android player thus injecting the arbitrary code into your device without you being able to stop it.

However, if you get this video from any other platform such as Messenger and the like you don’t really need to worry about it all that much because of the fact that when it is sent through these mediums it ends up getting re-encoded and this process renders the arbitrary code unable to activate within your device.

All of that being said, the single most important thing that you should do right now is make sure that your Android device is updated to the latest version because of the fact that a patch for this very problem was released in the start of July and it should ensure that not malware ridden videos are able to grant any malicious actors control over your Android device.

Photo: Google Press Corner

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