Google Chrome Is Ready to Launch Shortcuts and Avatar for Their Android Users

Syncing feature in devices has made life easier, with that, users can switch between the digital devices and still don’t have to add passwords and auto-fill info on every account. In March of this year, Google Chrome launched a feature called “sync and Google services” that will help in connecting all Google related browser preferences. To make it even easier to use, Chrome has added new shortcuts on the new tab pages for its Android users. Moreover, another feature has also been added that will add an avatar to the account, the user can check new tab pages and this will add account avatar to the left of the overflow menu and tab switcher.

On clicking the setting option, there will be sync and Google service option with shortcuts, this is where the user can see what account they are using without confusing anything.

Once opening the page after syncing the device, it notes the user with the help of image, name and email address and once everything is done, it starts syncing properly. On tapping the option, it provides access to the on-device Google account. Right under this option, there is a link for manage the Google account of the user. This comes with further options that help the user in controlling bookmarks, history, payment method, passwords, preference follows and open tabs.

There is an “other option” for other Google services, these options help the user with Search and URL auto-completion and provide suggestions while writing moreover, this option also helps with safe browsing, chrome security and keeping an eye on the crash report. With the introduction of all these exciting shortcuts, the users will be able to have better control over their devices and they will not be required to enter passwords and logins at every device individually which will save time. These shortcuts are available on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and also on Chrome for Mac.

As far as the Google account avatar function is concerned, it was launched just a few days ago for the Android users via server-side update with Chrome 76. It seems that while other web browsers are struggling, Google has proved to be the trendsetter and so far it has been leading the market.

Hat Tip: 9to5Google.

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