Google Updates its SERP Layout by Swapping the Title with Result's URL and Attaching a Favicon with it!

It looks like Google is finally about to make some significant changes to its Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Various reports have emerged in recent weeks regarding new design changes being tested by Google for its result pages. The latest one is regarding favicons and URL/breadcrumb. The interesting thing about the latest design test is that various (logged in) users have already started seeing these changes implemented to the Google SERP.

Until now, when a query was searched, the results would appear in the form that would put the Title at the top with the URL just beneath it. Now however, Google is attempting to swap the positions of URL/breadcrumb and the Title. In addition to that, a favicon is also being places just before the URL.

Although these changes were initially considered as a test project, various users have already started noticing the updated look. The change is being noticed on both the Desktop as well as mobile search results.

The new layout is quite prominent if you can use Chrome’s incognito mode to search a query. Even in the normal mode, users have reported that the first few pages are still displaying the old look, and the new design takes over once the initial pages are left behind.

Another update that Google users have recently started spotting on the Results page is the change of Ad colors from green to black.

It also seems like the changes are much more evident in Chrome 76.

Judging by the initial reactions, people are not so sure whether the design change is a good thing or bad. Right now, majority of the users are just confused as there was no prior notice sent regarding the update. Once the shock factor fades away and it is confirmed that the changes are permanent, users will start pouring in their honest feedbacks about the new layout.

Google is testing an updated SERP Layout by Swapping the Title with Result's URL and Attaching a Favicon with it!
Screenshot: Digital Information World.

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  1. It's ugly and I much prefer the old layout. Would it be possibly to give users the choice of the old or new?

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