Instagram will ‘tweak’ the Stories Ad frequency

Instagram launched a test on Wednesday where a small group of users observed the Stories ads from two different brands in back-to-back mode (just like YouTube). A representative from Facebook said that the aim of this test was to check how the users react to the changes in the feature. He further added that the company’s first intention of the test was to improve the user’s experience while the value for advertisers on their platform ranks as the number two reason.

Interestingly, the photo and video sharing network conducted their test at the same time when eyebrows were being raised regarding its ad load in the main feed. Recently, several publications and marketers have also observed an increase in the ad units that appear on the main news feed of Instagram. In fact, one organization reported that ads covered nearly one-quarter of both posts in the feed and Stories. Facebook and Instagram ads consultant Peter Stringer said that he was seeing ads after every three organic posts.

Nevertheless, Facebook did not share any results about the test and how it is affecting the people part of the test group. A spokesperson for the social media network did point out that over 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand and ads are one of the best ways to educate the audience about products and services presented by them.

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