Google Play Store visual refresh – welcomes users with a simple and clean design

Google gives Play Store a makeover with a new design that will allow easy navigation for Android users. However, it seems like the search giant is highly influenced by the design elements of the Apple App Store.

Apple gave its App Store a revamp in 2017 where the company made several changes to divert the user’s attention from the rankings and charts to editorial content, stories, and recommendations. It also created two separate tabs for Apps and Games to better direct users to the type of app they wish to prefer.

The Play Store already had categories for both – Apps and Games but after the recent modification, they will be seen on the bottom of the screen, just like the iOS App Store. Within the two sections, the users can browse other sections such as the personalized “For You” suggestions tab, Top charts, Editor’s choice, etc.

When the user clicks on the app or a game they are interested in, the updated Play Store will provide them with content that is more prominent and a more distinguishable ‘Install’ button. This is also similar to iOS where details about the app or game are featured at the top of the page.

Google also made changes to its icon system and now all apps will feature a uniform rounded square shape. Apple has always used standard app icons and now Google is adopting the same.

The remodeled design of the Play Store was already leaked at the beginning of the year by enterprising developers who published screenshots of Google’s testing phase.
"The Google Play Store has over two billion monthly active users coming to find the right app, game, and other digital content. To improve the overall store experience, we’re excited to roll out a complete visual redesign." Announced Boris Valusek, Design Lead, Google Play, in a blog post. Adding further, "Aligning with Material design language, we’re introducing several user-facing updates to deliver a cleaner, more premium store that improves app discovery and accessibility for our diverse set of users."
The revamped design of the Play Store is rolling out worldwide.

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