Chrome will be launching a new feature to search with Google Lens for Android users

Google is one of the largest platforms that offer a variety of services to its users to search on the Internet. Nowadays, people rely more on technology than word of mouth. Now if we wants to purchase a product, we will search for it on Google first. People search for feedback, reviews, and related products on social media platforms before deciding whether to make the final decision or not.

Google's search engine offers a huge variety of information related to the searched keywords. The core aim of Google is to ease its users with unique services so that users rely more on its platform for all sorts of research tasks. Google launches different policies and builds new strategies to makes its platform more secure and safe for web surfers because there’s nothing more a user wants than the protection of its personal information.

Workings of Google Lens

Google Chrome is a web browser that the majority of Android users rely on to search for related queries. When you’re searching through the web you sometimes come across a specific type of image and you want more content related to it. The best way to search for related data of any image is with the help of Google Lens. To search with Google Lens, at first you need to save the image on your smartphone and then open Google Lens, scan the image and with that, you’ll be able to search for a specific data related to the image shared from your Android phone on Google Lens.

Google Chrome replaces Classic Image search with Google lens

Although there are different ways available to utilize Google Lens which includes Google Photos, Camera apps and even some Google Lens app.

As spotted by ChromeStory, Google is working on another feature to access Google Lens through Chrome for Android. Google recently updated its code, and in that new code change, it is clearly visible that Google added a new option in the menu section when you click and hold on an image in Chrome for Android. Currently, when you tap and hold on an image you are given an option “Search Google for this image” which is a classic way to search for related content for an image.

Moving forward, according to 9to5Google, this option is being replaced with a new one named “Search with Google Lens” and if you select this option you can easily search the image with Google Lens. Chrome will display “Intent” for Lens with the help of Google App which will display the picture you’re interested in.

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