The new Emoji Mashup Bot is the fun you’ve been missing on Twitter

Nowadays, we are living in the generation of the digital world. Almost each and every person prefers the digital communication over the real world. People are so much indulged in the digital life that they no longer care much about their real life. Different companies use this as a benefit for their business model; they work on a variety of ideas to create unique products and services. Each and every newly launched product makes its users rely more on the devices for daily chores. Now people see comfort in devices that help them with their daily tasks.

With the release of new technology every passing second, people prefer using new ways of communication instead of the old lame texting. Now, users prefer to express their emotions in a new way called Emoji. People use a variety of Emoji’s to express their emotions and feelings without the use of words. Most of the time users guess each other’s emotions with the help of Emoji they share with each other.

Twitter is one of the largest social media platform for users from all over the world. The team of Twitter always attempts to make this platform a secure place for its users to share their personal opinion and feelings freely without the fear of being judged on.

Now, one of Twitter’s famous and creative accounts named the Emoji Mashup Bot helps users to share their mixed feelings with just one emoji. Earlier days, there were Emojis for all sorts of emotions but a separate emoji for separate feelings. Now with Twitter’s new Emoji Mashup Bot, users can share their mixed feelings with the help of just one emoji.

Sometimes there’s a rush of mixed feelings inside you that you fail to express to others but we think it’s possible now. The new Twitter Emoji Mashup Bot also available as a free iMessage sticker enables users to share their mixed feelings with just one emoji. The Emoji Mashup Bot mixes together two or three random emoji parts and creates a hybrid emoji every hour.

This Emoji bot was created by an 18-year-old student named Louan Bengmah and it started in July and contains countless combinations till now. The iMessage sticker pack is a limited versioon with 29 good emoji combinations. The iMessage stickers were built by a developer named Maxence Guegnolle and Bengmah worked with a variety of developers to approve this sticker pack on multiple platforms.

Bottom Line

It really is a cool concept right? This bot displays all our mixed feelings with just a single hybrid emoji and now you can easily text all these feelings to your words, because, aren’t words too mainstream now? For Android users, this emoji pack can be found on WhatsApp, Gboard, and Telegram as well.

The new Emoji Mashup Pack is now available on Whatsapp and iMessage

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