Google Photos Reaches One Billion Users in Record Time

Google has a lot of properties that have over one billion users all across the world. With Android, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and the namesake of the company the search engine, which is the most visited website in the world, Google has established that it has a wide suite of products that have a billion or more users. Now, four years after it was announced at Google I/O 2015, Google Photos has joined the list of Google properties that have at least a billion users, and in fact the total number of users has well over a billion users by this point in time.

Google Photos has been reaching usage goals in record time. It got to one hundred million users less than half a year after it was announced, and the fact that it got to a billion users within four years makes it the fastest Google property to have reached this milestone all in all. The rate at which Google Photos has been growing has also been pretty consistent. It reached half a billion users in two years, and took the same amount of time to get to a billion.

The fact that Google Photos ended up becoming so popular is surprising when you consider the fact that the app was associated with the train wreck that was Google+. However, it just goes to show that just because of the fact that one property failed to make a mark doesn’t necessarily mean that all associated properties will also fail to do so in a similar fashion.

Google Photos joined the 1 billion users club
Photo: Shutterstock

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