Facebook is Experimenting with Paid Video Subscriptions

Subscription based streaming platforms have been taking the world by storm in the post-Netflix era, and the streaming revolution has made it so that a bunch of big name tech players are starting to look into the options that they might potentially have when they want to dip their toes into these currently uncharted waters.

Facebook has been experimenting with a video streaming platform for quite some time, but their prior efforts in this era were more in the vein of YouTube rather than Netflix, offering short video based content that is monetized through the selling of ad space to marketing agencies as well as a wide variety of brands.

Now, however, Facebook is experimenting with becoming a platform that you can use to subscribe to a wider variety of streaming services. Recent reports did reveal that Facebook had been talking to companies as big as HBO and Showtime, offering them a partnership that would make it so that new consumers could potentially subscribe to these channels through Facebook, but as of right now none of the major streaming players have taken Facebook up on this offer.

Facebook has gotten a couple of moderately big players on board, with BBC’s Britbox coming into the mix, along with College Humor’s Dropout. These are not exactly groundbreaking connections for Facebook but having these companies on board is going to grant the platform a fair amount of legitimacy and could potentially lead to bigger players partnering up with Facebook in this regard.

One way in which companies could benefit from using Facebook as a partner is that this would make them a lot more accessible. It will be far more likely that people would be willing to subscribe to a wider range of services if they had a centralized location that they could do it from. Facebook could potentially incorporate its own currency into this as well, something that could provide legitimacy to a lot of the work that the social media platform has been doing as of late.

Photo: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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