The Four Companies Taking Over TV Based Streaming

While it is definitely true that a lot of people tend to prefer getting their entertainment from the internet rather than from TV channels, this doesn’t mean that they don’t use their TV at all. In fact, tens of millions of people use the top streaming services.

Basically, what people are doing is that they are accessing their favorite streaming services through Smart TVs, set top boxes or a wide variety of other means, indicating that streaming services might be replacing regular channels as the main way that people get the content that they are looking for in order to obtain the proper amount of entertainment.

Study reveals, there are four companies that dominate streaming on TV, and collectively these companies comprise about eighty percent of all streaming that is being done on TVs in America, with all other streaming services taking up just twenty percent of this number. Netflix reigns supreme at the very top of this list with about seventy five percent of users reporting that they stream Netflix on their TV.

YouTube comes in at number two, showing that the original video streaming platform still has a lot to offer for people especially when they are watching on larger screens. Fifty five percent of people claim to use YouTube on their TV, and this video streaming site is followed closely by Amazon’s Prime Video. Hulu rounds off the last four with 32% of people reporting that they stream it on their TV.

This chart shows which video streaming services are the most popular for OTT viewing in the United States
Via: Statista.

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