Twitter Is Testing a New Feature That Notifies Interested Users When There’s a New Reply to a Tweet

Twitter is a platform where users have the freedom to speak whatever comes in their mind. Twitter breaks the social norms by providing its users with an open space to share their thoughts freely. It is one of the most popular platforms among people from all over the world.

A new feature for Twitter users

Twitter is currently testing a new feature for its users which will enable people to select any specific Tweet from any profile and easily select the option to get notifications related to that tweet.

People often reply to someone’s tweet and keep on refreshing the page again and again just to see the response on their comment. Not being notified on someone’s reply on a tweet was always annoying for some users but not anymore. The new feature Twitter is testing enables users to receive notifications about replies to any account’s tweet they desire. Now users don’t have to stick on the profile to be a part of any discussion on a tweet, with this feature users can easily select any tweet to be notified as the discussion evolves.

To receive notifications related to any tweet there are three options:

None - this option is enabled by default and you can also use this feature to not receive notifications from specific tweet anymore.

All - to receive notifications of every reply on that specified tweet

Top - if you only want to be notified regarding interesting reply from the author or any mentioned person from the author and from the people you follow.

This new feature to receive notifications for tweet replies was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong in March. The core purpose of the team of Twitter is to bring ease in the life of its users and this new feature can help users stay in touch with trending conversations and topics. This feature can also benefit brands to monitor tweets between competitors and potential customers.

Bottom Line

With this new feature, users can easily be a part of any discussion thread on a profile without the need to constantly refresh the profile over and over again. Currently, Twitter will be launching this new update on both iOS and Android devices with only limited users and there’s no specific release from Twitter regarding the launch of the fully updated version but we are really looking forward to this feature to be implemented completely.

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