Mark Zuckerberg Recommends Reading 'The Light of Night' And Social Media Can't Stop Mocking Him

Like every year, Mark Zuckerberg contributed in reading list this year, as well, in which he recommended Graham Moore’s “The Last Days of Night”- a historical novel on the monopoly of Thomas Edison that he protected his business by putting his competitors out of the competition even his technology was superseded by the technology of George Westinghouse.

Due to his book choices, the CEO of Facebook faced backlash on social media where people think that Mr. Zuckerberg is investing in the same venture as Edison who protected his company’s growth by halting growth of the businesses of his competitors.

There are many known personalities who want to break Facebook in which Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, politician who took part in Presidential elections, are included.

Facebook has been blamed for using too much power by incorporating the main features of rival companies in the application or buying them like the company bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012. Facebook Inc. has bought more than 75 companies in the last 15 years.

Currently, the company is being investigated by Federal Trade Commission for violating antitrust law, whereas the same the social media, whose owner called the book “great”, has agreed to pay the fine of $5 billion to FTC to resolve the case of privacy issues.

The CEO of Facebook Recommended This Book for Summer Reading List and the Internet Can't Stop Making Fun of Him
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