Facebook Messenger to Integrate with Instagram Direct for Better Connectivity

Rumor has it that a Facebook is not willing to leave the other two sister companies alone and this is the reason with every passing day more features of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are beginning integrated together. Stickers of Facebook were recently introduced on WhatsApp and along with this 24 hours’ story was also introduced on all three networks together. A recent report by predicts that soon users will be able to send their messages from WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram direct, together. This means that the friends that are available on any of these three networks will be able to transfer and communicated things collectively.

Currently, as per Bloomberg report, Instagram direct is being rebuilt according to the Facebook Messenger which means that the team of Instagram direct is reporting to the Facebook messenger team directly. The team is familiar with the working of Facebook messenger so the process is easier for them and since most of the users know about the use of Facebook messenger, it will be easier for them to use the Instagram direct and Facebook messenger together. Currently, a person using Facebook messenger cannot send a message of Instagram direct but after the rebuilt, users can send a message to both Facebook messenger and Instagram direct. According to the resources, the look of Instagram direct after the rebuilt will not change much but the underlying technology will change.

Since both Instagram founders left Instagram last fall, resources report that their departure is connected with the Instagram direct rebuilt. Mark Zuckerberg wants to connect WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram so, in future these networking sites can share data and it will become difficult for the authorities to tear them apart. The underlying monopoly has pushed the founders to an extent that they decided to leave the network and now it is evident that although, with the help of this users will be able to benefit from this rebuilt but other problems like privacy and data breach will become common. Mark is also looking forward to executing his plan about rebranding WhatsApp and Instagram under the umbrella of Facebook. He recently explained this idea by adding that employees will also change to their Facebook email address instead of being reachable to Instagram and whatsapp.com.

Photo: AP

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