Google Maps AR Walking Directions Are Out On Android & iPhone Now; With More Changes In Travel Section As Well

Remember when Google announced that they are going to make Google Maps more real with the help of augmented reality? Were you thoroughly impressed by a little demo of Google Maps Live View back then? If you got pretty excited like us then take out your Androids or iPhones because Google has just rolled out the update for you.

The real time navigation on Google Maps first appeared on Pixel phones earlier this year and the glimpses of it further explained that the feature takes help from augmented reality and phone’s camera to make directions now super easy for you.

All you need to do is hold up your phone next to the streets where you want to go and it will show up arrows, overlaid on top of the camera view, that will further assist you in reaching out to your location with more accuracy and convenience.

However, Google Maps Live View is only made available for Android devices that support ARCore or iPhones which have ARKit support. It is still a beta version and here are a few steps that you need to follow in order to try it out:
  • Search for the location you want to go or tap it on a map
  • Tap the directions button situated at the bottom
  • Now select walking directions right at the top of your Maps screen
  • Here you will find new Live View option at the bottom, which you can enjoy by just tapping on it.

According to Google, Live View is just another part of big updates that Google is planning to introduce in the near future with its mapping service. The company wants to bring travel and maps service together, so that you could easily plan your trips in entirety with ease.

As for now they have also shut down Google Trips on 5th August only to boost up the update of Google Flights that now will now provide travelers guides on popular places based on the destinations and what time of year do they choose. The app also now allows users to put in exact travel dates for touring their favorite destinations and get historical data on flight prices to see what would be the best time to book for the trip.

There is one thing that we all can predict with surety that if Google starts to assist in creating our trip plans, we would be in for a lot of fun and exploration!

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Featured photo: WSJ
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