YouTube is Reportedly Working on a New Video Uploader!

Over the last decade, YouTube has taken over the world of Social Media by storm. The platform which was initially used by many in their spare times to watch different types of videos now offers a full-time career to the dedicated creators.

Anyone can upload videos and monetize them after meeting a specific set of requirements related to Subscriber count and Watch-time. Thus, it is best for YouTube to keep on evolving and testing out new features to make its users’ experience on the platform smooth.

Recently, Ahmed Ghanem and Social Media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted about YouTube beta testing a new video uploader. Screenshots of the new uploader in action were also shared, giving us an idea about what to expect from it.

Basically, the new upload beta experience will offer an enhanced step-by-step flow and additional guidance. Once a video is selected to be uploaded through it, basic information will be required firstly and that includes the Title and Description.

Then in the Advanced Settings, users will be given an option to:

1. Include Tags for the video.

2. Add Info Cards to the video

3. Add the video to a number of Playlists

4. Provide an End screen to the video

5. Embed Subtitles.

Lastly, in the Preview & Publish section, users will be asked to select the visibility of the video that is about to be Uploaded. Public, Private and Unlisted are the available options. The Premiere option can only be applied if the video is public. Users can also upload the video as private and then schedule a public release for it. The unlisted option will render the video accessible to only the uploader and people having a link.

Thus, it will be exciting to see how these improvements help the creators on the Platform. A public release can be expected if the beta tests go on smoothly.

Photo: Anatoliy Sizov / Getty Images

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