YouTube CEO Talks About Screen Monitoring and Time Management

The women behind making us all video addict seem to be struggling with screen time management with her own kids. Previously, tech-gurus like Bill Gates and Steve jobs have openly claimed that they monitor the screen time of their kids and don’t allow them any gadgets to a certain age. Now YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, in an interview with TheGuardian, has finally admitted that she monitors the screen time of her kids, especially during vacations when she takes away the phone. She said that when on vacations she wants them to enjoy their time together and interact with each other.

In an attempt to explain that it is not easy to be a parent in a world where technology is becoming one of the biggest problems, she expressed that even she is concerned about the time her kids spend on screen. She also said that she takes phones and other devices away from her kids to help them focus on the present and stay in the movement also, she wants them to stay focus and she helps them to stay focused by removing distractions. According to Wojcicki, it is the job of the user to manage the time and they must know when it is important to stay in the moment and enjoy conversation and when it is the time to watch videos.

The CEO of YouTube who also happens to be a mother of five kids has also admitted that this is not an easy task to take phones away however, she manages to take phones away on dinner table at least. According to her, although she is trying hard to monitor and manage the screen time of her kids but she is also helping them take their own responsibility and learn self-control.

She also said that the problem was the same when she was little, which means that blame is not on the growing technology but the time management and taking responsibility. Growing up she also felt the same about TV but she later learned to balance the time with her work and she is helping her kids do the same. In an attempt to get a better scoop of her parenting style, appropriate age for giving a personal phone to a child was inquired to which she replied that she feels 11 is a good age. This clearly explains that we might feel tech gurus don’t have to face the same issues as us but deep down, our problems while working with technology are the same.

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