Facebook is Pushing for Collaboration with Netflix and other Media Services to Launch a Video Chat Device for TV!

Facebook’s own TV streaming service is all set to debut this fall and not only that, but the Social Media Giants has also reached out to media companies such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney etc. to present the case for a new TV chat device that will allow people to make video calls through their TVs. The chat device, according to The Information, will use the same technology that is used in “Portal”, Facebook’s video-calling device.

Additionally, “Portal” is set to receive an update as well before the end of 2019. Speaking about Portal, Facebook has many details to reveal regarding the device, according to Andrew Bosworth (the Vice President of Facebook’s Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality).

Bosworth also said that a new setting would also be revealed that would get ported with Portal. The new device is being referred to by its code-name Catalina¸ and it will come along with a hand-held remote and streaming video services, like Apple TV and other TV boxes.

Cheddar claims that users would be able to attach a camera with their TV sets, courtesy of the new device. If this is true, then a dedicated video chatting device will no longer be needed moving forward.

Portal is relatively new as well. It was rolled out in November of last year with the smaller device (10-inch display) costing around $199 and its comparatively larger version or “Portal Plus” (15-inch display) costing around $349. That’s not all however, as the device has Alexa (Amazon’s voice assistant) incorporated into it and comes with front cameras.

Users can avail the voice control feature of the device and start a voice call by just saying “Hey Portal” and proceeding accordingly. It makes use of AI technology to identify people in the frame and follow their movements.


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