Astonishingly Half Of The U.S. Social Media Users Don't Know Who Owns WhatsApp: Survey

As Facebook popularity is vanishing the search for an alternate platform is increasing. For that reason people are moving towards WhatsApp by considering it a safer platform, yes you have read write. This is because in the latest survey, which has been done by the DuckDuckGo surprisingly revealed that half of the people even don’t know that WhatsApp belongs to Facebook.

DuckDuckGo took a sample of 1297 adult Americans, as they were “collectively demographically similar to the general population of U.S. adults” by using survey monkey tool. The survey found that shockingly 50.4% of the people who started using WhatsApp from the past six months did not know that Facebook is the parent company of WhatsApp.

This is not the end, DuckDuckGo revealed that in the last six month who had used Waze had no idea that this navigation app is owned by Google. Furthermore, the same survey disclosed that when people were asked about Google/YouTube and Facebook/Instagram they don’t know the relationship between them.

As above mention statistics, it is finally assessed that in case of Google and Facebook blowback. Still, they can lean on a product they have picked up along the way. According to the survey, half of U.S. consumers have no idea that they’ve jumped ship from a big tech product into a lifeboat captained by the very same company they sought to escape. That is one of the best advantage to keep your all other products at arm’s length from the mother company.

Most U.S. Users Don't Know Who Owns WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube: DuckDuckGo Survey
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