The "Please Subscribe" Is Having Its Biggest Impact On Children - A Father Shares His Experience

On a scale of 1-10, how obsessed are you with YouTube? Well of course the answer to it can be pretty embarrassing for a lot of you while others might even be confident in saying “may be less than 5”. However, even the worst case scenarios can’t compete with this father who thinks that he has failed at being a good parent in 2019 solely because his son said “please subscribe” in return for “I love you”.

While sharing his own anecdote, father of a four-year-old child told that he has a routine to take his children somewhere on the car in the afternoons. He straps them in, kiss the forehead and say “I love you” with the expectation of a similar response and shut the door. But last week he observed something really strange.

After strapping them into the car, kissing the forehead and upon saying the same “I love you” his four-year child said “I love you too. Please subscribe”. Can you imagine what that means for him? He has actually started to interact with people around him just the way YouTubers do in order to gain more market penetration.

According to the father, he is to be blamed for this surprising response by his child but there is someone else who has played a bigger role in manipulating the mind of a 4-year-old child - the millionaire toy reviewer Ryan. He is just eight years old, reviews toys with great passion due to which viewers of his same age begin to connect and wish for the same things that he tells about on his channel.

Together with scenes of his parents in the videos he made $22 million alone last year and with that many poor children are also introduced to the evils of capitalism.

As, currently Ryan is his son’s biggest hero, the father went on to explain that reading this would eventually make anyone feels that the child’s Dad should have kept his four-year-old away from the harms of digital world. But in counter attack to the similar argument, the father said that he doesn’t want his child to become extremists. He wants them to be well aware of technology because that is the world in which they are going to grow.

Apart from that, he also expressed that CBeebies are one thing that assures you child friendly content and that was what he expected from Ryan too. But “please subscribe” is a disease for Ryan as well which he is unintentionally spreading.

This pinpoints the fact that YouTube has officially turned into a wild west. It may have a variety of content to offer by there is no mandate to inform and if you get involved into the joy of it, you are always on your own. To explain his thought in detail he shared the details regarding his likeness for Blippi - an adult human man who dresses up in bright clothes and dances around America’s deserted soft play centers. He is the opposite of himself as Blippi hates children and does weird things in his videos to gain attention e.g like bunch of bench-presses or when he visit a private jet in his own Blippi-branded monster truck. However, with all the wonderful content, 'please subscribe' destroys everything.

As rightly quoted by the father, “Please Subscribe has zero worth as a catchphrase. It’s needy. It’s craven. It falsely equates popularity with self-esteem”.

And with that we also believe that it's a wake up call to protect our internet community because in the end if people like your content they will subscribe without you saying it as well. Moreover, this phrase also doesn’t reciprocate the trust and love audiences show in YouTubers.

Illustration: Freepik

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