Is Facebook eavesdropping on Messenger voice chats?

Facebook has been making a lot of news over the past few years for its misuse of user’s data and privacy protocols. And the latest story is equally shocking.

According to a report by Bloomberg’s Sarah Frier, the tech giant is collecting audio from the user’s voice chats and paying third-party contractors to transcribe it. However, the company claims that they have taken permission from the users who agreed to have their voice chats transcribed.

Nevertheless, Bloomberg reported that the company has not clarified in its data-use policies that it is collecting audio from users or that it is sending the data to others for transcription.

In the report, Bloomberg states that Facebook collects and has the audio data transcribed to check the accuracy of their automated speech-recognition systems. The report also adds that Facebook has recently ‘paused’ the practice after some third-party contractors said that they found the method unethical.

Facebook did not immediately reply to these reports!

Facebook has been under intense scrutiny due to its suspicious privacy practices. Just last month, the Mark Zuckerberg owned company paid a $5 billion fine to settle the investigation conducted by the Federal Trade Commission who accused the social media giant of violating the user’s privacy and mishandling their data.

The news regarding Facebook and their lack of transparency over how they utilize the users data is escalating for some time. If Mark Zuckerberg did not modify its practices soon, the users will slowly start moving in other directions – if they have not yet already!

Photo: Bloomberg / Getty

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