YouTube is Reportedly Reevaluating Views and Records, in light of a Massive Viewership Record Getting Broken Controversially!

To say that YouTube is on its way to become the next Entertainment hub would be an understatement. YouTube has massively changed the field of Entertainment as we know it. Over time, Streaming Music has become one of its top applications and people enjoy listening to their favorite songs on YouTube without having to spend a dollar.

Getting a large number of views on their video is every YouTuber’s goal. YouTube even allows its artists to buy ads to boost the view count. However, this practice is now being exploited and the video-sharing platform is looking to re-evaluate views and records.

The most recent example of this exploitation is Indian rapper Badshah’s music video Paagal breaking the 24-hour viewership record with over 75 million views, beating Boy With Luv and ME! The story was broken by Bloomberg. However, what’s more interesting is that YouTube isn’t praising the rapper for setting a new viewership record.

The issue with the Indian Music Video garnering such a high view count is how a significant chunk of views came through the ads purchased on Google and YouTube. It’s become a common practice for renowned record labels to purchase advertisements before releasing a new single. The ad plays before or in between other videos.

If the ad is viewed for more than a couple of seconds, it is counted as a view by YouTube. Before Badshah, Blackpink and Taylor Swift made full use of this practice as well.

One other possible reason why Badshah’s case is being talked about so much is that ad rates are significantly cheaper in India than in other parts of the world. Google is still puzzled about considering views derived from ads. As profitable it may seem at first, counting such views might hinder the status of YouTube views.

Bollywood Rapper Sets Viewer Record YouTube Isn’t Talking About

Bloomberg has reported that YouTube will be reevaluating views and what creates a record, considering the use of this practice moving forward. As of now, YouTube is being accused by its Indian user-base of being hypocritical by not publicly acknowledging the record-breaking performance of Paagal.

The downside of this practice is that it becomes impossible to figure out the real popularity of such videos and glorifies taking short-cuts to achieve success.

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