Climate Change Is Real but YouTube Video About Climate Change Are “Not So Real”

Climate change is one of the most talked-about subjects nowadays, everyone is busy spreading the news that climate change is real. Most celebrities, singers, movie stars, social media activists and scientists are trying to influence people into using recyclable things and adopting a healthy lifestyle that is good for the people as well as the environment. However, a recent study reveals that YouTube videos trying to raise awareness about climate change are not assessing and arranging the obtained data carefully.

According to experts, these climate change videos are stuffed with difficult jargons that make it difficult for the individual to understand and they become intimidated by these fancy big words. However, most of the information available on these videos are not true or somehow molded to fit the aim of the content. This is the reason, authorities, experts, and scientist are now using YouTube to set the algorithm in a way that only promotes the facts based information rather than popularity based content. To prove that YouTubers are not as well informed as they pretend to be, Dr Joachim Allgaier of RWTH Aachen University in Germany carefully analyzed and assessed around 200 YouTube videos to figure out if the information provided in these videos is actually true.

According to the careful analysis, Dr Joachim, explained that more than 120 videos had used multiple views to support their information that was not based on facts. A simple example of this process is the fact that in 2013 UN report explained that the main reason for global warming is human existence, however, these 120 videos suggested otherwise. Moreover, these videos were spreading false news, misinformation, rumors and conspiracy theories just to get more views. To tackle this issue and take it seriously, scientists are now urging YouTube to set the algorithm in a way that videos that contain facts are only promoted. For YouTube, however, addressing this might take a while because, in recent statements, YouTube team straight away said that YouTube is a platform that promotes free speech as long as the content maker is following the guidelines of the YouTube. In short, YouTube is not ready to come up with a solution yet, however, in the near future addressing this issue will become inevitable. Yet, however, in near future addressing this issue will become inevitable.

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