Although YouTube tries new strategies to help creators earn revenue it ignores the major issues

YouTube is a platform for all sorts of internet users. The video hosting giant is trying to make its platform more attractive for all sorts of people. Over the past years, the creators faced a lot of problems regarding their revenue generation and copyright claims.

YouTube always tries to bring ease in the life of its consumers by providing a variety of updates. They always try to modify policies and bring new features to attract more people from all over the world.

YouTube has been trying hard to solve all sorts of problems by providing new updates every once in a while but it still unable to tackle some issues that existed from the beginning.

New features include a variety of paid stickers for stream chats, multiple membership levels, and enabling creators to work with expansive merchandise. Although YouTube has been trying hard to help creators earn extra revenue from their channels but there is no talk regarding the major issue of the uncertainty of revenue with record labels.

Major issues faced by creators

Creators now realize that they can’t fully depend on YouTube’s advertising model to succeed in their career. The ads can vanish without any specific reason or they could be punished for violating selectively enforced rules. Being able to earn revenue from fans helps creators to be saved from the unpredictable revenue stream of YouTube advertisements. Record Labels usually take all of the majority revenue from YouTube Premium subscribers and leaves the 30% to be split between YouTube and creators.

Creators no longer see Advertisement money as a reliable source of revenue.

One long-standing issue solved by YouTube

Another major issue that creators used to face was of copyright claims. Previously, any owner can stand and put a copyright claim on a video which would result in the video without audio or without taken down eventually. Now with the new update, the owners need to define the exact spot where their content was used and this new policy helps creators a lot.

Even though YouTube really tries hard to build a user-friendly environment for creators but there are still so many issues that need to be addressed. Ad revenue is still considered to be a major source of revenue but some creators prefer other forms of revenue as compared to ads.

Merchandising a new source to generate revenue

With the new updates, creators lack trust in advertising revenue and prefer merchandising instead. Teespring was the first company that partnered with YouTube and it is now expanding with Instagram and Twitch as well. Advertising doesn’t bring much revenue now so creators need to build a strong brand that extends beyond YouTube.

Bottom Line

To have a better experience, creators need to evolve according to the changes and need to start behaving like a brand. With the uncertainty in Ad revenue, creators can try to earn revenue by creating various offers and categories of memberships to assure revenue. Even though YouTube is trying all the strategies to help solve the major issues but creators want the basic problems to be solved first.

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