Google is Testing Prominent Share, Cache and Open in a New Tab Icons for Web Search Results

Google has been experimenting with a lot of new kinds of options and features, and one of the latest experiments that the search engine giant is conducting has to do with the search engine itself and could very well end up changing the way we search for information and share it with one another on the internet.

Twitter was ablaze with screenshots of this new update which currently in beta mode and is currently only being tested out with a few select users. These screenshots show a three dot icon on the upper right corner of each search result which gives you three options. The first of these three options will allow you to share that specific search result with someone directly rather than having to copy and paste the URL or do any of the number of things that we have to currently do in order to share our search results with one another. The second of these three options will allow you to open a cached version of the page that the search results are showing and the third option will, if clicked upon, open up the page in a new tab.

This will greatly simplify the process of searching for things on Google, and it is quite different from what Google had tried out previously which involved the use of Google+. Now that Google no longer has to try and support the dead weight of a social media platform that no one is using, its experimentation with how you can share search results is becoming a bit more geared towards the average consumer, so it’s exciting to think about where things can go from here.

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