Content creators can now easily remove copyright claims with YouTube’s new policies

YouTube is one of the most popular social platforms for all sorts of content creators. People use this platform to learn about various things, ranging from new cooking videos to how to use DSLRs manually. This platform is a space for all sorts of creators where they guide people and earn revenue too.

Copyright claims and YouTube’s policies

Over the past years, one of the major issue creators faced on YouTube was the copyrighted materials in their content. The problem most of the creators faced was manually claiming all the copyright content, which resulted in either the video getting removed or the whole content from the videos muted.

YouTube’s new policies for creators

On Tuesday, Product Manager Julian Bill announced that YouTube is updating its ways of handling copyright claims with changes that could ease up video creators. Owners of the copyrighted content will now have more control over their content.

Bad experience with the previous copyright policies

In the past, creators didn’t have much control over manually reporting the infringement. When copyright owners wanted to make a manual claim it was very much frustrating for them to search through lengthy videos and then determine what past was even at issue. The lack of detail made it hard to claim the content, even though the creator tried to potentially infringing content out it was still hard to dispute the claims.

Workings of new updated policies

With the new policies, owners of any copyrighted content will now exactly mention the part in the video where the copyrighted material appears. With this feature, they can easily verify whether the claim is legitimate or not and to edit out the content if they don’t want any issues like losing revenue or having the video taken down. With this new update, the whole system will be more clear and very smooth to operate. Video creators will be able to see the part that’s been claimed, and YouTube will allow them to mute the audio during that portion or to easily replace the audio with any free-to-use song from YouTube’s library. If they chose any of these options, the copyright claim will automatically be removed. (Note: all of these options were previously available too but creators had to figure out on their own what they needed to cut out). Content creators "also have the option to cut out the time-stamped segment from [their] video using the Trim feature in the YouTube Editor."

YouTube still needs to work on more copyright policies

The new update still doesn’t solve all of the problems because creators still face copyright claims issues even if they used a portion of a few seconds (either for educational or commentary purposes) which puts video creators at a disadvantage. They either have to remove the content or pay the copyright owner a portion of their revenue.

Photo: Olly Curtis/Future Publishing via Getty Images

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