YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok? What Are the Tweens and Teens Watching Nowadays Online?

Video convention or commonly known as VidCon is one of the most sought after events that most teens and tweens love to attend. Just like Comic-con, where thousands of comic enthusiast come together to celebrate comics and meet their favorite comic stars, attendants at VidCon get to meet their favorite YouTubers, social media stars, content creators, etc. This year at Anaheim California, attendants were asked to choose what they prefer for entertainment when it comes to streaming videos specifically. The idea behind asking these questions was to see that with growing online platforms for entertainment and video streaming what are the teens choosing?

When asked to choose between YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Hulu. Majority of the teens chose YouTube and said that the second most of their time streaming online videos on YouTube for entrainment, whereas, the second most favorite was Netflix. On noticing about any change in the videos that the content creators are posting online most of the teens had to say that YouTubers and now focusing more on the quality of the content instead quantity. They are posting fewer videos but they are putting in more effort which is a very promising sign.

Since marketing is a relatively newer factor, teen and tweens were also asked about ads, what do they think about it and how do they perceive it. Like expected, most of the viewers find it annoying especially because there is a few second skip limit and there is no way you can skip before. Moreover, there are videos with two or three ads but there are also videos with more ads which just makes it annoying for the viewer.

When asked about Facebook videos and Facebook watch the majority said that they have no clue what it is and they don’t stream Facebook videos. When asked to choose between Snapchat and Instagram most of the users chose Instagram whereas when asked if they watch IGTV videos most of them said they know what it is but they don’t watch IGTV. Finally, the viewers were asked if the user TikTok most of them replied that they think it’s for kids and the videos are very annoying. Although, they have the app they hardly use it.

Unsplash / Bradley / Multamedia

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