WhatsApp users anticipate the new feature promised months ago

More than four months ago, we heard WhatsApp announced a new privacy setting for groups that would enable users to accept/decline group invitations on the popular messaging app. WhatsApp users were relieved at the news as the majority of them were wary of being added to groups that they were not interested in participating.

However, despite it being announced in start of April, the feature has not been made active for the complete user base as of yet. In fact, several WhatsApp fan shared their eagerness on Twitter along with their dismay of not seeing the feature live even after four months post-announcement.

WhatsApp gave details of the new privacy setting for groups in a previously published blog post that emphasized on the user’s demand for more control over their experience on Groups. The company explained that through this privacy setting, an invite would be sent to users for groups. The user will have a choice to either accept or decline the invitation.

According to the blog post, the privacy setting can be enabled by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups and then selected from one of the three options: Nobody, My Contacts, or Everyone.

As the titles imply, Nobody means you will have to manually approve every group you are invited to. A private invite will be sent in this case, giving you the choice to join or not.

My Contacts will automatically add you to group invite by people in your address book and Everyone will give WhatsApp permission to automatically accept group invites by anyone.

The users will have three days to accept the invite before it expires.

In the blog post, WhatsApp admitted that the new privacy setting is rolling out to only a few users while a global launch was expected in the coming weeks.

The fans are, however, waiting for the launch that is introduced to only a few users of the popular messaging app.

Stay tuned with us for more updates regarding the new feature.

WhatsApp users anticipate the new feature promised months ago

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