Facebook will no longer Allow you to Target your Page Followers with Ads! (Heads up social media managers and marketers!)

In what seems to be a major news for Page Admins, it is being reported that Facebook will no longer be allowing Page fans to be targeted with ads. Instead, only those users would be eligible for targeting who engage with the particular page targeting users with ads. The news was shared by Olivier Ponteville on his official Twitter Handle.

According to the screenshots provided by Ponteville, upon selecting a Connection type, a custom set of audience shall be generated and added to the particular ad set. Moreover, Page engagement will be used by Page connections to create the audience.

For Facebook Pages, the audience will include users who have engaged with the concerned page, those who are similar to the ones who engaged and will also exclude people who have interacted with the page.

Similarly for the Apps, the audience will include users who have used the App in question, those who are similar to the ones who used the App and will also exclude people who have used the App.

Thus, it will no longer be possible for anyone to reach their entire Fan base.

This news was met with mixed reactions. According to some marketers, Facebook did the right thing as it felt unnecessary for someone to target their own fans with ads. In defense to Facebook’s initial approach, it was said targeting fans made them aware of new features, product launches etc.

Additionally, some people also felt that targeting fans with ads was useful, considering that the organic reach barely peaks at 3-5% of the total fan base. Paying to boost posts enabled publishers and Admins to reach the remaining portion of their fan base.

The change is also being considered as a move towards quality conversations.

Thus, now with Page Admins facing a tough task to reach a considerable portion of their audience without being able to target all of their followers with ads, the best approach in this scenario will be to come up with catchy content and campaigns that will go viral and organically reach people.

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